DMG – together in God’s mission

Loving God with all our heart and our neighbour as ourselves (Luke 10:27)
Living out the gospel in daily life

Here you can find the core values of our organisation, upon which our work is based: how we see ourselves, how we see our ministry and why we do what we do ...

1. Our identity

We are a fellowship of about 400 co-workers serving in over 70 countries around the globe, assisting evangelical churches in their calling to go out into the world:

All Christians are called to share God’s love with people, locally and globally. We do this in partnership with churches and organisations around the world: together as co-workers in God's global action (missio Dei), according to the Cape Town Declaration of the Lausanne Movement 2010: "We love God because He first loved us. We love God’s world, all He has made. We love the people of God, the church, called by Him to be a blessing and light to the nations. "

2. Our vision
  1. We work for a world, in which people are transformed through an encounter with Jesus Christ and thus communities are renewed,
  2. Christian churches are a blessing to their society, effectively share God's love and competently care for their sent workers,
  3. God's glory fills the earth, so that all may experience God's goodness and thrive (Rev. 7:9).
3. Our values
  1. Committed to the Bible, the Word of God, which gives us clear guidance in faith and life.
  2. Dependent on God whom we trust personally with everything, including our finances: DMG is fully funded by voluntary donations.
  3. Living by prayer, in which we praise God, give thanks for His provision, seek His guidance and ask Him for His intervention in the world.
  4. Loving the church, so that all Christians live out their calling (Mt 28.18 ff).
  5. Living in community, mutually supporting and forgiving each other.
  6. Celebrating diversity, accepting different personalities and forms of worship as enrichment.
  7. Living modestly as good stewards of the entrusted finances.
  8. Reliable cooperation with partners on site: local churches, international or national NGO.
  9. Crosscultural services that require special knowledge and experience.
4. Our goals
  1. Living out the Gospel in everyday life, loving God with all our heart and our neighbour as ourselves (Luke 10:27).
  2. Proclaiming Jesus by word, deed and life, especially where He is not yet known.
  3. Supporting churches in their cross-cultural engagement, especially in the sending and care of their international co-workers.
  4. Representing our international partners in Germany and recruiting co-workers for them.
  5. Supporting Christians who live in another culture.
5. Principles of operation
  1. Loving people, sharing life and learning from each other. We respect their values and personal decisions.
  2. Appreciating cultures that reflect God’s richness and contain immense potential.
  3. Helping comprehensively, empowering, discovering talents and releasing the potenials.
  4. Aiming for quality services, sustainable projects, developed in participatory processes and implemented in genuine partnership.
  5. Living in integerity, committed to the truth, fair discussion of other worldviews.
  6. Transparency in finances and project goals and resolute rejection of any form of corruption.
  7. Selfless help, no discrimination with regard to race, gender and religious affiliation.
  8. Commited to lifelong learning and teachability. We acknowledge our mistakes and are grateful for all forms of constructive criticism.

© DMG, May 2013