The DMG home base and its staff

Since 1971, the Buchenauerhof is DMG's home base. Some 40 staff (full-time and part-time) support our missionaries abroad, ensure reliable administrative work, good public relations and organise mission events in Germany. It is an experienced team whose service is indispensible for the worldwide ministry. Here you can see our departments and some of our staff:

Mission administration

Rev. Günther Beck is Director of DMG
Günther Beck


Andrew Howes is Deputy Director of DMG
Andrew Howes

Deputy Director, Personnel Africa

Monika Mench ist Personnel Director of DMG
Monika Mench

Personnel Director

Chief Financial Officer DMG is Andreas Ebinger
Andreas Ebinger

Chief Financial Officer

Tel. +49-7265-959163

Tel. +49-7265-959199

Tel. 07265 959-115

Tel. +49-7265-959120


Press office

Public Relations

Dr. Detlef Blöcher
Detlef Blöcher

Former Director

Theo Volland is the editor of DMG
Theo Volland

Chief Editor, Communications

Simon Georg, Event-Management der DMG
Simon Georg

Event Management

Pia Müller
Pia Müller

PR and Events

Tel. +49-7265-959143

Tel. +49-7265-959130

Tel. 07265 959-151

Tel. +49-7265-959152

Personnel management

Gerald Häde
Gerald Häde

Personnel Director for Europe

Matthias Knödler
Matthias Knödler

Germany / Aid for Migrants

Hartmut Peters
Hartmut Peters

Personnel Director for Asia

Simon Bohn
Simon Bohn

Personnel Director for the Americas

Tel. +49-7265-959154

Tel. +49-7265-959139

Tel. +49-7265-959132

Tel. +49-7265-959164

Short term

Heino Weidmann
Heino Weidmann

Coordinator Short term program

Anna Lena Wagner
Anna Lena Wagner

Volunteer care

Tel. +49-7265-959158

Tel. +49-7265-959136