Review: Autumn Mission Festival

All Christians - all of them - have the same commission!

Dr. Robert Miner betonte, dass der Missionsauftrag allen Christen gilt
Dr. Robert Miner

1,200 guests show their support to DMG missionaries

“Mission is for all Christians!” Dr. Robert Miner made it quite clear. “It does not require any special calling or talent, nor is it only for the super-spiritual or adventurous people - all Christians are called. It is unacceptable that after 300 years of successful evangelical mission history there are still nations, peoples, tribes and languages without an indigenous Christian church.” Even countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Libya, without freedom of religion and where the security situation is difficult, must be reached with the Good News.

Who’s in your blind spot?

Missionaries at the festival
Missionaries at the festival

The theme of the Autumn Mission Festival was "Who’s in your blind spot?" which reminds us of people and nations who are overlooked by churches and Christians. Missionaries reported on working with homeless street-kids in Peru and on destitute widows in Benin who no-one else cares about. How important it is to dare to look back over your shoulder, to observe how Jesus acknowledges the sick and lost, helps and heals them and shares His message of forgiveness and eternal life.

Mission leader, Günther Beck, preached on Mark 5 in the morning on how a sick woman touched Jesus from behind and was healed. "This woman was in three social blind spots," he explained: "She was a woman, she was unclean and she was poor. We humans often overlook others, but not Jesus. He noticed this woman's touch despite the crowd, focused on her and helped her: "Jesus sees us even when others don't notice us."

Three special celebrations are planned for 2020:

They will be integrated into the "Heimattage," a Baden-Württemberg festival. It is hosted each year in a different region, in 2020 by Sinsheim, to promote the feeling of being at home.

The kick-off for us will be the big "Experience-it" days on May 17 and 18, 2020 in the Buchenauerhof Manor and on the picturesque grounds of the DMG. These include an interactive open day on Sunday with the theme, "Home? Jesus” with an Art exposition which is also open on Monday. A warm welcome!

Pictures of the festival

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