Prayer for missionaries

Thank you for your prayers
Thank you for your prayers

We deeply appreciate your intercession on behalf of our staff!

Personal relationship with God:

  • Quiet time/trust in God
  • Growth in faith
  • Protection from temptation


  • Protection of marriage relationship
  • Child-rearing
  • Singles: for good friends
  • Family members back home


  • Travel safety
  • God's help during illness
  • Motivation/joy in everyday life

In relation to work and service:

  • Language school
  • Culture adjustments
  • Love for the people
  • Willingness to learn, humility
  • Endurance, flexibility, joy
  • Financial provision
  • Time management/priorities

Team life:

  • Staff/superiors
  • Love for each other
  • Good conflict management

Country of service:

  • Political status, peace
  • Government, authorities
  • Visa situation