Congo: „Everyone is calling for peace“

Tausende Flüchtlinge strömen in die Stadt Bunia
Tausende Flüchtlinge strömen in die Stadt Bunia

The situation in northeastern Congo is intensifying dramatically. DMG asks you for prayer for the many refugees. In the region around the 30,000-inhabitant city of Djugu, violent tribal conflicts have flared up and thousands of people are fleeing. We hear tragic news from our partner, the CECA20 church (an association with approx. 1 million members) and other local partners. DMG missionary Kerstin Weiß writes from Bunia:

Desperate people from the Djugu region are seeking help
Desperately seeking help

The situation in northeastern Congo threatens to escalate. Every day our team receives news that homes are being burnt down in the mountains and that many people are being killed. Our city, Bunia (pop. ca. 100,000), is filling with refugees. Most, however, flee to Uganda. On Saturday it was said there were 60,000 refugees, how many are current, nobody knows as the situation is confusing.

200,000 refugees - mainly women and children

Kerstin Weiß, DMG missionary in Congo, asks for help
Kerstin Weiß, DMG

It is difficult to see all the pain. People are dying of exhaustion and children are starving on the journey to Bunia. In the bush, there are many injured and ill people who have no chance of medical help.

It continues to be unclear who is behind it all. Apparently, some factions are trying to provoke a new war between the tribes of Lendu and Hema, probably for political reasons. In Bunia, the situation is still calm, but tense. I feel safe, the people of our CECA 20 church look out for each other.

Please pray that the situation does not worsen and peace will return to our area. It would be terrible for the people of our region if war broke out here again. Nobody wants war. Everyone is calling for peace. Please pray that the rebels and whoever is instigating the violence, will be found and captured so that the situation will not escalate. Thank you for all your prayers.

DMG missionary Kerstin Weiß asks for prayer for north-eastern Congo
DMG missionary Kerstin Weiß asks for prayer for north-eastern Congo