"For Freedom" - Fight modern slavery

"For freedom" - Fight modern slavery
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Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. (Proverbs 31:8)

The Christian mission and relief organization DMG (Sinsheim) is committed to combating human trafficking and modern slavery. Together with international partners, those responsible at DMG want to create new opportunities for Christian social workers, street workers, psychologists, pastors, lawyers, doctors and other suitable specialists, at home and abroad, helping women at risk, refugees and working slaves. They want to become active in prevention so that people at risk do not get caught by human traffickers in the first place.

Our directors Andrew Howes and Günther Beck with SIM-employees Sarah Scott Webb and Karine Woldhuis (from left to right).
Andrew Howes (DMG, l.), Günther Beck (DMG), Sarah Scott Webb (SIM) and Karine Woldhuis (SIM, r.).

Two employees of one of DMG's largest partner organisations, SIM (Charlotte, USA), Sarah Scott Webb and Karine Woldhuis, have researched the topic of human trafficking around the world in recent years. During a visit to the DMG headquarters in June, they presented their new program combatting human trafficking and modern slavery, "For Freedom". Trafficking in human beings, sexual exploitation and forced labour are a worldwide phenomenon. On the European continent, the effects are particularly visible among migrants. Almost all immigrants from other continents pay a lot of money to criminal networks to get into the supposed paradise of Europe, women often with their bodies.

Today more people are affected by slavery than ever before, said the two SIM employees, around 40 million worldwide. Half of them are forced to work hard, for example in the textile and construction industries; often twelve hours a day in complete dependence, without pay. Those who have fled or are illegal migrants in Europe and the USA are particularly at risk. 38 percent of the 40 million are women who have been forcibly married; especially in China, where there is an acute shortage of women due to the one-child policy. Girls from Thailand and Cambodia are lured to China with promises, forced to marry and abused.

Christians pray for those concerned
Christians pray for those concerned

Another twelve percent of those affected by modern slavery are victims of sexual exploitation; for example, more than 300,000 African and Eastern European women in brothels in Germany - or African girls who are kidnapped to the Middle East. The deputy director of DMG, Andrew Howes, explained in an interview with the SIM delegation: "Together with our partners we want to find out where the causes of human trafficking and modern slavery lie, how we can help vulnerable groups of people preventively and find ways out of dependence for those affected. We want to uncover, enlighten and sensitise Christians, to give co-workers the chance to help people by means of good projects and to give hope by believing in Jesus".

DMG already has several vacancies worldwide for well-trained co-workers via the SIM "For Freedom" programme: for example in a project in Bologna (Italy), which is concerned with helping refugee women who have been forced into prostitution; for Eastern Europeans who have to beg in Italian city centres; in Bangladesh, DMG has open doors for new co-workers (m/f) who could provide practical and pastoral help to prostitutes and endangered young women and give their children schooling. These are for one year and longer term assignments.

In India there are two projects for the mental recovery of teenage girls who have been rescued from brothels - they are helped with creative therapy, media work, school lessons and trauma counselling. In Peru, new co-workers could help prevent parents in rural areas from sending their children to households in the city, where many are exploited, abused and mistreated from an early age. In prevention, sports and Christian youth work, family support and education are necessary to ensure that young people grow up in safety. Active, fit pensioners could also be involved in this area.

As DMG we do not want to look away. We want to inform Christians so that they can be aware in their own cities, where there are affected people..

For Freedom - a program by SIM against modern slavery.

The "For Freedom" program aims to create many new jobs worldwide so that thousands of people can be helped. In this context, DMG is also in contact with several initiatives in Germany wanting to encourage co-workers from its 105 partner organizations in other countries to work with prostitutes and marginalized groups in major cities in Germany.

The goal of "For Freedom" is to build international networks, in order to work together to fight modern slavery and protect people at risk, said the two SIM employees during their visit to the DMG headquarters. "The most important thing, besides professional social work and pastoral-psychological care, is the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Jesus wants to save the lost and heal people."

"As DMG, we don't want to look the other way," explained Andrew Howes. "We want to inform Christians so that they can see for themselves, in their own towns and villages, where there are those affected by modern slavery." DMG wants to help to build up regional networks that will be active against human trafficking. "We want to strengthen churches and congregations that consciously engage in social and missionary work in their communities. In believing in Jesus and in the message of the Bible we see the actual bearer of hope for the people," emphasized the deputy director of DMG.

You're welcome to join us:

  • You are a committed Christian (m/f); social worker, lawyer, teacher, street worker, experienced worker with refugees, helper for prostitutes or fringe groups? You have experience in the fight against modern slavery, are courageous and healthy? Apply to DMG, we have open doors all over the world for you! 
  • Do you work in an initiative or organization committed to combating human trafficking? Contact us so that we can learn together to become active as Christians.
  • You are cordially invited: The topic of the DMG Sunday of prayer (Gebetssonntag der DMGon „Sunday for Freedom", 21 October 2018 from 10 a.m. at our headquarter 74889 Buchenauerhof, is also: Combating human trafficking and modern slavery.